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This is the website of Q4y – Quality For You, the quality management consultancy agency of Roger Leenders MBA, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Q4y provides a wide range of hands-on consultancy services in the domain of quality management and process improvement. With more than 20 years of professional experience under his belt in a variety of Dutch economic sectors (production as well as service industries), Roger’s aim is to enhance your stakeholders’ confidence in your organisation. Acting as an external project manager he applies an effective mix of process and people-oriented techniques to implement a wide variety of conformance projects (quality control certification schemes (ISO, EFQM), safety, health, environment, integrity, regulatory affairs).

About Roger

Although Roger is well versed in the entire toolbox of quality management and process improvement, he tries not to put too much emphasis on the tools as such. Instead, he takes pride in reaching agreed goals within time and budget as a joint and rewarding effort of the team involved.

Roger is a Dutch national with a thorough knowledge of English. He regards German as his second language (native speaker level) and has a good working level of French (though predominantly passive). Therefore, if you have a certification/process improvement project somewhere in western/central Europe, please don’t hesitate to call: Roger may be your man.

About this website

The Dutch sections of this website provide details regarding

  • the kind of projects Roger successfully worked on in the past. Roger is a generalist rather than a specialist and he loves to broaden his experience. Even if your project doesn’t seem to match his profile on all points, please don’t hesitate to contact him and let him surprise you;
  • the feedback of his previous bosses, colleagues, and co-workers (have a look at them, some are in English);
  • his resume (in Dutch as well as English);
  • several essays and articles in Dutch you might want to download free of charge of course.

Since the aim of this website is to come into contact with you as a prospect, we give you several contact modes for your convenience. Roger is looking forward to hearing from you!

Please feel free to contact on +31 (0)6 12 99 13 90 or fill up the contact form.

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  • Roger Leenders

    Roger Leenders
    Linnaeusdwarsstraat 20
    1098 BB Amsterdam

    For more information
    kindly contact on +31 (0)6 223 45 67 or
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